1. International Buyers Trust Barrett Trade and Finance Group

    Barrett Trade and Finance Group in Chicago, Illinois is your consultant and expert in international loans. BTFG provides structured trade finance solutions for international buyers, focusing on improving a buyer’s cash position and lowering their cost. Our experience from working with buyers in over 80 global markets provides us with the ability to design the optimal solution for acquiring equip…Read More

  2. Barrett Supports Export Import Guaranteed Bank Loans

    Barrett Trade and Finance Groups specialize in export import bank loans. Our loans are guaranteed by the US Export Import Bank. Allowing you to work as an international buyer of US manufactured equipment purchase capital equipment and receive competitive interest rates with terms from 1 to 10 years. At BTFG, we work closely with buyers to understand their business and future growth plans. By doing…Read More

  3. International Loans in Chicago through BTFG

    Is your business focused on overseas development? Securing an international loan does not have to be complicated. Call Barrett Trade and Finance Group in Chiciago, Illinois. We specialize in international loans that are guaranteed by the US Export Import Bank, ensuring you can expand your business with security.  Our global structure allows us to offer distinctive solutions to customers around th…Read More