1. International Buyers Trust Barrett Trade and Finance Group

    Barrett Trade and Finance Group in Chicago, Illinois is your consultant and expert in international loans. BTFG provides structured trade finance solutions for international buyers, focusing on improving a buyer’s cash position and lowering their cost. Our experience from working with buyers in over 80 global markets provides us with the ability to design the optimal solution for acquiring equip…Read More

  2. Barrett Trade Finance Group Gives Manufacturers an Edge with Purchase Order Management

    Barrett Trade Finance Group in Chicago, IL offers opportunities to acquire foreign accounts receivable, and purchase order funding for our manufacturing clients. AR Purchasing involves purchasing an account receivable from the manufacturer, providing immediate funding on the transaction, and collects from the customer/distributor within the new terms of sale made possible by BTFG. Like all program…Read More

  3. Trade Finance Products

    Barrett Trade and Finance Group in Chicago, Illinois, offers trade finance products for buyers and manufacturers to increase sales, and increase cash; while striving to strengthen buyer relationships. BTFG’s commitment is facilitating the growth of companies and expanding their presence in the global marketplace. We work closely with buyers to understand their business and future growth plans by…Read More