A medium term loan allows a manufacturer’s foreign customers to import capital equipment and receive competitive interest rates with one to five year terms. The first payment typically is not due until six months after the equipment ships and is then paid in six month installments.

The benefits for your foreign customer are attractive US interest rates, credits without bank guarantees or additional collateral, terms up to five years and a financing source independent of their local bank.

BTFG provides Foreign Loans directly to you, using only the purchased equipment as collateral.

To enhance this process, BTFG may take advantage of one of the following:
  • Export-Import Bank of the USA (Ex-Im Bank) – As an Ex-Im Direct Lender, BTFG has direct access to the US government to structure your loans.
  • AVALized Notes – BTFG can structure your loan quickly and easily with a large institution or bank acting as guarantor.
  • Private-label Trade Insurers – Companies not government-related that perform similar functions as ECAs (Export Credit Agencies).

For more information, see our Medium Term Loan Program brochure.