Who is BTFG?

Barrett Trade & Finance Group (BTFG) was founded by Joseph T. Barrett in February 1993 as a partnership and later evolved into a Limited Liability Corporation chartered in Illinois.

BTFG was originally created as a domestic leasing company focused on small ticket equipment for local businesses. While leasing is still an aspect of the business and the sizes and structures of leases now cover a much larger range, Barrett Trade and Finance Group has now expanded beyond the borders of the United States. After recognizing the need for international financing options to facilitate U.S. manufacturers’ sales, BTFG turned its attention to the foreign markets.

A customer who needed to finance an equipment purchase for his factory in Mexico started BTFG on the path to cross- border financing. This loan request brought into focus a growing need for financing overseas and the inherent difficulties in accomplishing cross-border transactions.

Today, BTFG is doing business in more than 80 countries, and has the capability to conduct transactions in nearly every country. Our experience and customized approach to lending granted us the ability to become a licensed lender for The Export-Import Bank of the United States of America (Ex-Im Bank).

By analyzing each individual transaction, BTFG provides U.S. manufacturers with the best financing alternative available today to secure the foreign sale. BTFG’s marketing oriented approach has led it to become a reliable financing source for cross-border transactions.