We Are Committed to Providing Tailored Programs to ALL of Our Clients

BTFG tailors its programs precisely to your company’s needs. You reap the benefits of our specialist’s hard work and expertise when you partner with BTFG. No matter what the issue, we create innovative financing structures in order to close your company’s sales transactions worldwide.

To best support our manufacturers, we have developed an Export Finance Program strategy to help increase export sales of our partners. The EFP is a value-added service designed to provide a manufacturer’s international sales team, dealers, and agents with an effective tool for identifying and securing sales through our financial products. The program is designed to provide manufacturers with access to a trade finance programs similar to compete in the global marketplace.

By implementing our program, manufacturers can expect to:

– Increase international sales
– Minimize risk when entering new and dynamic markets
Be positioned as a preferred supplier

AR Purchasing involves BTFG purchasing an account receivable from the manufacturer, providing immediate funding on the transaction, and collects from the customer/distributor within the new terms of sale made possible by BTFG. Like all programs, the Accounts Receivable Purchase program is customized to address specific manufacturer requirements regarding sales volumes, potential campaigns, and cash flow needs. The program eliminates Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO) provides immediate access to the cash generated by sales, and promotes sales through the greater availability of open account terms and extended terms of payment. Click for more information about our AR Purchase Program.

BTFG now also offers a full line of trade credit insurance products through our subsidiary Intercontinental Growth Strategies. IGS is a dynamic global insurance broker dedicated to developing and implementing sales growth strategies through the use of trade credit insurance to help their client companies achieve the highest level of success. IGS makes it easier for buyers to purchase products and services and also manages the related financial risks. For more information on how to leverage trade credit insurance for your growth plans, contact IGS.


U.S. Leasing

Although most of our programs concentrate sales globally, our competitive equipment leasing programs enable U.S. businesses to procure equipment without having to draw down their current bank credit lines. Our personal service, coupled with our online financing tools, provides our clients with the speed, simplicity and convenience required to make timely and cost effective equipment decisions. One of the benefits of partnering with BTFG is that we make it easy for you to provide market leading financing to your clients. By utilizing our Internet-based financing tools, you can offer your clients the ability to investigate affordable leasing options, apply for credit online and learn about the advantages of various leasing options.


L/C Financing & Discounting

BTFG facilitates and manages the process of opening the letter of the L/C on the buyer’s behalf, and continues the ongoing management of the L/C process throughout the life of the transaction. By discounting your L/C, BTFG allows you to provide flexible payment terms to your international buyers while ensuring you are paid at shipment.


Structured Programs

BTFG’s consultative approach to designing a program that fits a manufacture’s sale strategy and market, results in a unique and innovative program for driving international sales. From providing structure trade finance solutions to on-going sales support to your team in the field, BTFG’s experience in developing structured programs provides you with a competitive advantage in your market.


Export Financing

In 2000, Barrett Trade and Finance Group (BTFG) created a special purpose corporation called Barrett Financial Corporation (BFC). BFC has been used since its inception to respond to various special programs by its clients and their unique financing requirements.


Export Finance Program

Export Finance Program Barrett Financial Corp’s Export Finance Program is designed to give manufacturers an edge by enabling them to offer longer payment terms and more competitive financing while reducing risk and greatly improving internal cash flow. It helps manufacturers avoid the need for L/Cs or draft collections by allowing more sales on open account.