We Are Committed to Providing Tailored Programs to ALL of Our Clients

At BTFG, we work closely with buyers to understand their business and future growth plans. By doing this, we develop long-term financial partnerships focused on increasing our customer’s competitiveness in the market to help their business reach its full potential.

BTFG provides structured trade finance solutions for international buyers, focusing on improving a buyer’s cash position and lowering their cost. Our experience from working with buyers in over 80 global markets provides us with the ability to design the optimal solution for acquiring equipment and services while ensuring project revenues are matched by expenses.

By using BTFG to structure financing solutions for your business you can:

– Maintain existing credit lines with local banks
– Preserve cash to invest in other company assets with higher returns
– Gain access to very competitive financing based on US and international business rates


Ex-Im Bank Guaranteed Loans

BTFG’s loan, guaranteed by the US Export Import Bank, allow international buyers of US manufactured equipment to purchase capital equipment and receive competitive interest rates with terms from 1 to 10 years. As an active Export-Import Bank of the USA (Ex-Im Bank) lender, BTFG can develop a loan facility for a manufacturer’s buyers to purchase equipment at very competitive rates over a period of years. By doing this, BTFG strives to solidify a long-term relationship with each and every one of our clients. For more details, see


Letter Of Credit (L/C) Financing

We provide documentary letters of credit (LC) to assist with cash flow requirements. BTFG handles the ongoing management of the letter of credit process throughout the period for which a transaction may occur. Using our extensive global banking facilities, BTFG will assist you in opening letters of credit to fulfill financing needs for any size transaction while providing an enhancement to current banking arrangements. With L/C Financing your company can provide your international suppliers cash at shipment while providing you extended terms of payment.


Medium Term Loan Program

A medium term loan allows a manufacturer’s foreign customers to import capital equipment and receive competitive interest rates with one to five year terms. The first payment typically is not due until six months after the equipment ships and is then paid in six month installments. The benefits for your foreign customer are attractive US interest rates, credits without bank guarantees or additional collateral, terms up to five years and a financing source independent of their local bank. BTFG provides Foreign Loans directly to you, using only the purchased equipment as collateral.