We Are Committed to Providing Tailored Programs to ALL of Our Clients

BTFG’s commitment is facilitating the growth of companies and expanding their presence in the global marketplace.

All of our programs are designed to:
  • Increase sales while decreasing exposure
  • Increase cash while decreasing borrowing needs
  • Fortify buyer relationships while strengthening buyers

Get more information on our top rated buyers programs to include; Ex-Im Bank Guaranteed Loans, Letter of Credit (L/C) Financing, and Medium Term Loans.

Find out more about our manufacturer products including; A/R Purchasing, L/C Financing & Discounting, Structured Programs, & U.S. Leasing.

Click here to learn more about additional related financial products that BTFG offers including; Currency Exchange Consulting, Payment Advisory Services, and Third Party Due Diligence Research. BTFG’s Related Services are designed to cooperate with other BTFG products to help your business minimize risk and maximize returns.